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Deere Snow Plow

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Will a Deere snow plow that was on a Deere 345 (year ??) fit my 2011, x530. thanks
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Welcome to DT Mate.

I suggest you contact your dealer if you haven't already. Otherwise I hope someone here has the answer you seek, and there are least one or two members that are Deere techs.
Welcome to DT!

The answer is a definite maybe. The plow will likely fit since I believe it uses the same Quick-Attach setup, however the tractor side hitch is probably totally different.

Like Matt wrote, check with a dealer or get familiar with JDParts online, there is a link is my signature if you need help with it.
yes the lift linkage should be different. im sure you could rig something up to it though
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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