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In the last couple of years, I've given out advice a few times to access the diagnostic modes of ehydro machines for troubleshooting purposes. After the recent thread Need someone knowledgeable on the ehydro system-4720!, I figured I better try it myself, just so I know what I'm talking about.

It's everything I imagined it to be....You can look at raw sensor voltages for most, if not all of the sensors attached to the computers.

For example, you can see the foot pedal positions, as well as the actual drive current going to the directional servo valves, and various correction factors applied such as LoadMatch.
You can also see engine RPM, seat switch position, fuel temperature, battery voltage, charging current, fuel pressure, speed, and many others.
There are certain parameters that can be changed; For example, tire circumference.

The mode is accesses by using the display mode switch, and entering a password with the blinker switches. Then you pick which computer you want to talk to; The ICC, TCU, or ECU. Then you scroll through the various addresses to look at their values.

I would encourage anyone with these machines to get a service manual, and play around with it. It is helpful to kind of see a baseline with a properly operating machine.


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