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Diesel fuel in winter for new 1026R

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Just wondering what is best (in this part of eastern Nebraska, typically out moving snow in 15-25 degree temperatures):
1. Just use #2 diesel
2. Use #2 with an additive, or perhaps with kerosene or gasoline added?
3. Use only #1 diesel in winter (I guess it will be available somewhere... )

In terms of starting the tractor, I had the dealer install a tank heater before I took delivery... so, starting will not be an issue (if the fuel will run).

Am not used to operating a diesel in the winter... been moving snow with gasoline! Any suggestions on how best to "manage" the diesel fuel for the 1026R will be appreciated!
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do not use gasoline as an additive..... here in central Indiana an additive called 911 is popular and seems to be decent. We used to use a peoduct called SILOO but can't seem to find it anymore. Best of times with the 1026 I really like the looks of them.
Welcome to DT Cougar. Power Service 911 is an emergency recovery system disigned to be used when you have water trouble or a gelled situation. It should not be used on a weekly basis and can cause damage to many of the fuel system components if used on a regular basis.

Mustang, running your diesel in the winter, even in -20 degree days will be no issue. With the new systems of injection and also with good glow plugs, your tractor will start up strong in the cold months. What I would suggest is that you use a GOOD additive in your fuel to help keep it fresh and not collecting water. Water will form ice and that can clog filters or plug fuel lines. Just because an additive is avaialble everywhere does not mean its a good one. Power Service is a great example as it is everywhere but it does next to nothing to your fuel.

There are two types of additives. Emmulsifiers that suspend water and de-emulsifiers that make water drop out of the system. I like to use an emmulsifier as it works best in our tractors as there are too many places to catch and store water perminantly. You can read more here (post 8 gets to the real info) :

Once you add a good additive, don't worry about your fuel. When you start your tractor, activate your glow plugs and once it starts, allow it to warm up for a few minutes. Diesel oil is much thicker than a normal gasoline oil. They say a typical gasilione engine has oil throughout the engine in 20 seconds and a typical diesel engine will take up to 60 seconds to have oil everywhere. (exact times vary on the engines, but its a good example) After that, enjoy it.
Thanks for that info, was told by a modern mechanic to use it. Have mainly used it in my Ford trucks with the T444E.
Thanks again
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