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Different Issues at JD 455 from 2001

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Hey Guys,

first I will say sorry for my bad english.

Im Steffen from Germany and we have a JD 455 at our Sports Club.

I've read to this Community now for a while.
This helps me to get better understanding on our JD455

Now i want to fix several issues which i found at the tractor.

First there is a leak on the shaft for switching between the rear and the middle pto ( dont know the right name for it). I ve searching at the JD parts list and found an O Ring which is fitted in the back cover auf the TA.
Now i dont know, if it is possible to change these O Ring whitout removal the Cover of the PTO. When i take a nearer look to the shaft, there is no space to see where i can fit the O Ring in, as you can see at the picture.

The second problem are leaking check valves at the free wheeling lever. Can i easilly replace the upper O Ring at the valves to fix it or is this really hard to do as it was told in other posts.
The next problem are vibrating pedals when i will drive forward or reverse and i push them to hard and fast. Also they seems to be loose. I can easilly shake them. I dont know if this is an issue or normal. Also the latch to fix the speed is really lose an shaking arround to the frame.

So i need to learn what is wrong whith the tractor or what is normal.

I will hope you can help me a little bit to solve my problems and getting the 455 ready for the next years.

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I don’t think the 3 problems are separate issues.

I’d suspect there’s hydraulic overpressure in the system. You may still need seals and orings after that problem is solved, but I guess that replacements will leak again and #3 won’t go away.

The other possibility is the hydrostatic damper (shock absorber) is completely jump, and it is causing pressure to be high back in the system.
Thanks for your answer rydplrs.

What do you think can cause overpressure in the hydrostat?
Fluid is rather a little bit too low. I think it could be the Oilfilter, but no one knows when it has been changed the last time. I am sure never between the last ten years, but the tractor wasn't used very offen in this time.

Do you mean we should change the filter and fluid first and then have a look if that solve part of the problems?

What do you mean about the shock absorber. Do you think he is damaged and has to be changed?

Can you also give me an info please about the shaking pedals? Is there also any damaged or is it right, that they are not fixed as i imagine
I really don’t know the internals of the transmission good enough to speculate.

The shock absorber (damper) does for your hydro pedals the same as what one does for you car. It smooths out the bumps.

——I just checked jdparts and didn’t see a shock (damper)
Steffen, All I can help with is the leaking at the free wheeling valves. First, try to determine exactly where they're leaking. If they leak around the center pin on the top, they need to be replaced. If they leak where they screw into the hydro housing, a new o-ring should get you in good shape.

If you need to replace the entire valve assembly, search online for LJ Fluid Power in Delton, MI. (269) 623-4150. Three years ago, Deere wanted $150 per valve and LJ Power wanted $145 for 2 shipped to my door!

I've never had hands-on experience with the o-ring, Item 30 in parts catalog, but it looks like cover needs to come off and shaft #31 removed to replace the o-ring. Bob
Hey guys, thanks for your answers, now i've found the damper, but he looks pretty good in shape. I think there is an other problem. The local JD Dealer mentions there is air in the system and i should dry to perge it after changing the filter and oil first.

Ok, these are bad news, i was hoping we can change the ring whitout open the cover. Ok so what, if we need to do this, we will try. Are there any special details which i have to look for when we pull the cover of. I don't found good manual about this and the JD Manual doesn't say anythink about this specifically.
Purging air from hydraulic system is easy! Drive forward 10-20 feet, drive reverse 10-20 feet, 20 do 3 times each way. Then drive forward and FULL right turn for a circle, then Full left turn for a full circle. Not sure how many levers on your 455, but pull each one until engine changes sound/labors slightly. Then push each lever and...done! This procedure should be done each time you drain oil or change filter. Bob
Thanks Bob. This sounds pretty easy. The only think i d'ont understand, cause of my bad school english, is, what you mean with "20 do 3 times each way"? Im really sorry about this. :sneaky:

What do you think about putting the rear pto cover off. Are there some risks for damage something or is it as easy as i think. Loosen the bolts and pull it down carefully?? :unsure:
Hey guys i will like to give you an update on our project. Last weekend we have disassambled the the rear axle, now i have a better look for what we have to do.
rydplrs was right. The shock absorber is dammaged. I can slight him in and out by Hand. Do i have to replace him or this part being refilled whith oil or grease?

The replacement of the pto selector shaft shoot be going also now a bit easier cause we can turn the back cover of pto upside so that nothing will fall down, when we are going to open the cover.

Now i have another question to you all. There is a fuse box on the right side under the instrumental unit. Did anyone know this and can tell for what the top blue fuse on the rigt side is for?


Steffen, NOT your bad English, MY bad typing!!
Drive forward 10-20 feet, drive reverse 10-20 feet, 20 do 3 times each way SHOULD be "Drive forward 10-20 feet, drive reverse 10-20 feet, do 3 times each way" Sorry!

As far as shock absorber, you'll have to replace it.

I don't have a Manual or schematic for the 455, so can't help with fuse question. Bob
Short update to our project.

1. Bought a new ( used but good in shape) damper
2. Changed the O-Rings at the leaking connection for the forward and reverse pedal
3. Seems we've found the reason for the electrical issue. I'm sure it is the flasher relay, cause all connections at the switches were disconnected, but the "klick" was allways there. After we've disconnected the flasher, the "klick" was gone.

Next steps are now, opening back cover of the pto and changing the O Ring at the PTO lever shaft, pictures of this will follow.
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