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Do I hurt my 1025R by not using low range when mowing up steep hills?

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Just got my 1025R a few weeks ago and so far use it mostly for mowing (I have the 60D). Some of the areas I mow are pretty steep and I'm somewhat disappointed that the tractor isn't able to climb those sections of the yard without me putting it in low range. I have plenty of traction and don't need to go in 4x4 mode, and it will go if I push the forward pedal really hard, but I feel like I'm going the bend the "spoons", if you know what I mean.

So to those that mow up steep hills, are you switching to low range and then back to high range once you get to flatter land again? It is a bit of a pain to having to constantly switch back and fourth...
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Ah. See the problem here is just managing your expectations. Your GT235 is not geared lower for power rather than speed. The high gear on the 1025R is geared for speed, not torque. And that will be amplified even more with the mower deck running which is using a bunch of engine power that is now not available for drive. So you're running at maximum pressure using maximum power to accomplish not very much outcome. You aren't hurting it, but you aren't helping anything either. Low gear is geared for torque, not speed. The same amount of engine power is converted to a lot more torque. It requires less hydraulic pressure and less engine power for the same outcome. This is what you should be doing in these circumstances rather than torturing it in high gear. Your GT235 was a single gear somewhere in between.

As others have said, you would have to be doing this for an extended amount of time to heat the fluid up hot enough. So you could eventually damage it but it doesn't sound like that's the circumstance you're in.
Yes, I mow at 3200 rpm. Not that big a deal switching between H and L I just wasn't expecting having to do that. Only got 4 hours on it so far and don't want to be too hard on it. I used to mow this section with a GT235 and it never had any issues with the steep parts. You just don't push the forward pedal that hard going up the steep hills and it sort of "gears down" automatically, if you will. Of course it only has one range to begin with.
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