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Do I hurt my 1025R by not using low range when mowing up steep hills?

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Just got my 1025R a few weeks ago and so far use it mostly for mowing (I have the 60D). Some of the areas I mow are pretty steep and I'm somewhat disappointed that the tractor isn't able to climb those sections of the yard without me putting it in low range. I have plenty of traction and don't need to go in 4x4 mode, and it will go if I push the forward pedal really hard, but I feel like I'm going the bend the "spoons", if you know what I mean.

So to those that mow up steep hills, are you switching to low range and then back to high range once you get to flatter land again? It is a bit of a pain to having to constantly switch back and fourth...
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So to those that mow up steep hills, are you switching to low range
The better question is, why wouldn't you?
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I took you guys advice and did a little bit of mowing using only Low range. Worked out great.
Good move!!

Sometimes I think I'm alone and possibly just a wuss until I read a thread like this, then I realize that I'm not alone. I do almost nothing except travel too and from work areas in high range, likewise, 99% of my "work" is done is low range.
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