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Does engine oil go anywhere near the rear of a 2038R?

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Ive been having a couple drips of oil, coming out of the right side fenderwell, all the way near the foor rest at the very bottom. It made a small spot on the concrete floor. It started at 115 hours, didn't do any work in there. I did have the third function installed at around 100 hours. Heres the strange part, its clear/tan oil. Ive dyed my hydraulic oil red with JD dye. I assumed maybe it was trapped residual oil, and tried spraying some brakekleen into the fender the first time. It went away for a few weeks, now I just found more oil on the floor from the same spot in the plastic fender. It's impossible for it to be hydraulic oil because it is noticeably pink. This oil again was clear brown. Is there any oil cooler line or something that runs from the engine back there that it could possibly be engine oil? Highly doubt it, but suprised id still ve getting residual oil leasking after so long.
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Unless you JUST changed your engine oil, it’s not clear/brown, it’s black. Pull the dipstick to verify.

You using on road diesel?
Anything is possible. It could be fuel , could be hydraulic oil that didn’t get dyed. Engine oil tends to turn black after a few hours.
Good call on engine oil, although with the dpf it doesn't get very dark. Never thought about diesel, seems too thick though. Isnt the tank just on the left hand side facing the rear? Ill have to smell it nect time, I think I did and it was odorless. Making me lead to believe it was residual hydraulic oil.
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