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I've never been a big fan of extended warranties, but JD keeps offering lower prices as my expiration gets closer. I realize that "attachments" aren't included, but what about a factory installed 320R loader?

I'm still not sure I'd get it, but that would at least sweeten the deal a bit. After all, JD doesn't sell them because the consumer (generally) comes out ahead on the purchase.

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This is directly from the Powergard Residential Plan (which is what they sell you unles syou are using your machine for commercial prurposes...)

B. COVERED COMPONENTS: The PowerGard Protection Plan Residential only applies to covered engine and powertrain components of Covered Equipment. Covered Components will include factory installed or genuine John Deere replacements listed below as well as related components that perform a similar function:

1. Engine Components include the cylinder block, head, rocker arm cover, oil pan, timing gear covers and all parts contained inside any one of these components. Covered engine components will also include the fuel injection pump and injectors (except dosing pumps & injectors), electronic fuel injection controller, electronic unit injectors, turbo charger, flywheel, water pump, intake and exhaust manifolds attached to the cylinder head, oil coolers mounted directly to the engine, crankshaft torsional damper, ECUs/BCUs and starter.

2. Powertrain Components include the transmission case; clutch, differential, ring gear, pinion, and axle housings; final drive housings (inboard and outboard); mechanical front wheel drive clutch housing; pump drive, power take off clutch, and powertrain housings; and all parts contained inside any one of these components, (except dry clutch parts and steering cylinders). Covered powertrain components also include input and output shafts, transmission control valves (including solenoid shift valves), electronic transmission controllers (Powershift, Central, Reverser, Powerquad Electronic, and Autopower/IVT Control Units), drivelines and U-joints, transmission charge and lubrication pumps, and driveline torsional damper and tuner. For track driven tractors, Covered Components also include the steering pump and motor, steering planetaries, outboard planetary final drives, and electronic track steering controllers.
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