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I would like to donate but I don't do paypal. Would you give me instruction on how.
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:munch: wont let me nuke my post...had to put something here
At least it was not my address :lol:

I can PM ways of sending money if people want to.

If you start throwing it at me, remember paper only, the coins hurt.
I sent out the PM's but I am unsure if i was on this site or the other. Sorry. Been a bit overwhelmed today. If you did not get a pm and need one, let me know.
well....shoot...missed it.....must of been at the other site:lol: Oh well, maybe next time:laugh:
I am sorry I missed your PM. I was working on the new site and this one and they had the same skin. I did not notice it while i was switching back and forth and doing PM's.

its good seeing yellow and Green under my name...Thank ya'll for a great site!
But I see you did not need the email? Thank you for your support!
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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