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I would like to donate but I don't do paypal. Would you give me instruction on how.
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Good One! I do not do PayPal either.
Wife does but I ain't askin her, she would want to know what for.
Wait a minute! If someone comes back with an alternative that would me I'd have to donate. Whoops!
Really though I was going to post up the same thing but forgot. Thanks Nelson.
Thanks Nelson, send a PM to Brian and he will tel you how.
Have Brain post it here:bash: .......Damn kids!
At least it was not my address :lol:

I can PM ways of sending money if people want to.

If you start throwing it at me, remember paper only, the coins hurt.
Thanks much Brain.
Kenny, use your PayPal to make a payment donation to Brain for me, in my name, I'll pay you back. Check is in the mail. Thanks,:good2:
Brain, as rgd said. Got the whole guilt trip goin on now. Thanks a lot RGD!:lol:
Had a turn of events this morning. My wife is going to let me use her PayPal account. I brought it up while I was severing her breakfast in bed this morning. :mocking:
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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