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Don't take your rig out on the ice

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Saw this post tonight after getting in from clearing the driveway. Sad way to learn a lesson. That being said these guys did a great job with the recovery.

Here's the link to the story with additional photos: Hamm Lake Recovery

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My grandfather had a 2 acre lake put in 1954. We could go out on it if it was a foot or more thick. Then he had a neighbor make an ice skating rink other side of dam about 80ft square and 2 ft. deep. Neighbor used a small bulldozer and charged $5! (1960). Grandfather used gutter from lake overflow pipe, gutter rested on a board and he would slide it over to run water about 100ft to fill rink. He had benches on one side. Lots of fond memories.

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Back in the mid-70's my sign painter friend Ross and I dug a good sized spring fed pond on his property using his JD 450 dozer and my Hy-Dynamic Dynahoe 190. You couldn't get away with that today with the DEP and the EPA. Made a great skating rink in the Winter. When it snowed my buddy would clear it with his plow blade equipped Wheel Horse. Back then I kept my skates in the truck and would stop by frequently to skate.

We had many skating parties and pot luck get togethers there through the late 80's. The guys would hang outside and the girls would huddle around the wood stove in his adjacent shop. Many of our kids learned to skate on that pond. I had my son out there on skates at 4 years old. Couldn't get him in off the ice. Loads of fun, friends, food and drinks. Great memories!
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