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Drill Press Stand

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I made the DP base out of 7" heavy channel I had left over from a hydraulic press I built. The round base I was given... it's a cutout from some kind of a tank. I wish the pieces of channel were longer so I could have mounted the 6" cross vise and drill press on it. The craftsman drawers are mounted far enough back they don't get in the way. It's nice having my drills, extra chuck keys and threading set in one place.

The colors are off a bit because of florescent lighting, I tried to adjust the colors as close as possible but I still couldn't get the colors right.


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Thanks guys. As long as you don't mind or get bored I have more projects I can show. I like looking at pictures too.. Getting and improving on someones ideas is cool. :good2:
I can show how I put a toolbox on the rops, welded a step on my tractor help get up on it and a mirror. I think I already showed the roof I built for it. Other than that I haven't done much to her. She's been 100% reliable since the day I brought her home in March or May of 1992. :good2:
Tackit, GREAT stuff, keep it coming, can we get you mix in some tractor mods? I bet you have some great ideas there as well. Doesn't even need to be yours. :laugh:
You're welcome mj. I've had the round steel base for 20 years, it was first a vise base. The drill press was a good investment, with my old craftsman wood model drill press the drill wouldn't come out the bottom in the same plane it went in, it was so frustrating, the thicker the piece the worse the angle got. This prill press is HD, it takes two people to put the head on the column...I replaced the drill chuck with a Jacobs 14N ball bearing model, because of the price of a good chuck most drill press companies put cheaper less quality chucks on their machines.
Very cool...thanks for sharing!
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