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Driveway alarms; do they work?

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Northern Tool has Chamberlain and Mighty Mule driveway alarm systems.

Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert System, Model# CWA2000 | Motion Detection | Northern Tool + Equipment

Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm, Model FM231 | Motion Detection | Northern Tool + Equipment

Do either one of these work worth a darn? Are there other brands worth considering?

Or is this another good idea gone bad due to Chinese manufacturing?
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Pretty cool that an 8.5 year old thread was revitalized!! :good2: :laugh:

I had a Mighty Mule magnetic driveway alarm that was a piece of crap.

My Harbor Freight alarms were triggered by shadows.

I've had good luck from my Dakota Alerts! I've got the shorter range system (1000' I think) and it works fine several hundred feet from the house, even with the receiver in my basement office.

I've also read good things on another forum about the Guardline systems. They supposedly have great customer service.
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