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We went North Monday to BIL Jim's. I took the red oak lumber from the tree branch I cut last summer. I had dried it in my kiln for months and it was time to see what I had, if anything.

BIL Jim built a end-mill for lumber on his sawmill track. It uses a router with a wide bit that you move slowly in four directions to 'true-up' a twisted board.

Jim putting the end-mill back on his saw mill.

Jim's Mill-1.JPG

The end-mill in action . . .

Jim's Mill-2.JPG

Jim's Mill-3.JPG

One side is milled flat, the other is planed to be parallel.

We took this twisted 1.5" red oak board down to about .875" . . .

Jim's Mill-4.JPG

Jim's Mill-5.JPG


Jim built this kiln out of a small shipping container. The walls and ceiling are lined with 1.5" rigid foam. OSB protects the sides . . .

Jim's Kiln-1.JPG

Jim's Kiln-2.JPG

The small trailer is loaded and backed into the kiln for months and months of drying. A dehumidifier and air conditioner are used to pull the moisture from the lumber. At this time Jim has the water going into a 5 gal bucket so he can measure it. He's emptied ten buckets since he started this load.
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