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Engine Regeneration Info That is News To Me

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I came across a JD video called: "Regeneration, it's a good thing".

Here's the main point of the video: "Lower engine loads with high rpm's cause soot build-up leading to regeneration".

So for example if you are just moving dirt, mulch, or just driving down your field or driveway, you should not be operating at high rpm's (or WOT), per this video.
I re-read my 2032R manual (2nd gen) pages 230-2 to 230-6 and it makes no mention of this. Maybe you guys knew this but as a 1st time MCUT owner I was of the belief that the higher your rpm's, the cleaner your exhaust filter would be, regardless of engine load. Apparently not.
Learned something new today.
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I had read something similar from other sources a while ago and I didn't think it made sense ?
I always witness older diesels emit particulates when they encounter a load significant enough to drop the rpm's some.
My logic (perhaps misplaced) is that lower rpm's would result in easily encountering a load significant enough to lug the engine and "smoke".
Of course conversely, higher rpm's will pump more overall volume of all gasses through the DPF.
Maybe lower rpm's and lugging elevates heat even though it produces smoke?
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