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It's getting to be that time of the year where we will soon be spraying for broad leaf weeds and hitting the dandelions with the spray to knock them down. While there are a wide variety of sprayers out there, one of the common weaknesses of those sprayers is the low quality plastic spray wands.

I have a carry 2 gallon sprayer for spot spraying and for some chemical edging to cut down on the string trimmer use. I also have a 25 gallon sprayer from FEMCO which I bought at the local Big Box Farm and Home store. A shared weakness in each of the sprayers have been the spray wands which came with the sprayers. Most are fully made of plastic and they leak, drip and the spray pattern from the nozzles seems quite limited.

Last year, I switched both of my spray wands out to this spray wand which I ordered from Northern Tool.

Not only has this wand worked very well, it's also very reasonably priced. Especially for a wand which has a metal thread wand with a brass spray tip that has fine adjustments and actually holds a spray pattern during use. As an added benefit, the supply line from the tank connects to this spray wand with the brass barb in front of the wand's trigger location. The brass barb at the supply connection solved the problem of leaks and drips which many of those wands with plastic fittings seem to experience.

Having the supply hose enter the wand AHEAD of the trigger control makes the wand much better balanced to use. The spray wand doesn't have that unbalanced feeling that they often do when the supply line enters the rear of the wand. If you use the spray wand quite a bit, you will notice the difference this improved balance makes.

Overall, if you use a hand held spray wand for any spraying and are tired of fighting cheap plastic poorly adjusting, leaking, dripping and using a sprayer which feels like if you drop the plastic spray wand, it will likely break, consider upgrading to this wand to improve the sprayers operation and it's function.

At just a little over $20 including shipping, its a great deal and works better than most of the spray wands which come with the FEMCO and other sprayers sold by Farm and Home stores and Big Box retailers. Right now it's on sale for $16.99 on Northern Tool's website and $16.99 plus $5.51 shipping on Amazon. Also, there are many positive reviews of this wand on Amazon, so others have found the same benefits as have I with this improved wand.
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