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I recently took one of my original rear lift kits off a Round Fender 110 into my local welding shop to have one duplicated. It turned out really good I thought, and am possibly going to have multiple made, if there’s people who need some. 1B564A3A-A464-4294-A1E8-E5EB682CCB4A.png
The one with shiny bolts is the new one, and the one with green bolts is the original.
If I could get several people who need one at the same time, it would make it much easier to make. The price would be in the $250 range, and can be shipped in a flat rate box for $13.65. It doesn’t have the transport chain bracket yet (as none of my original kits had them) but I’m going to see if I can borrow my grandpa’s to make those in the kit as well.
I can also just get individual parts, like the cable (for around $25).
They are in SW Iowa.
This kit is to lift a tiller or integral/sleeve hitch on the earlier style Round Fender 110’s and 112’s.
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