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Fair price? Do I need a backhoe?

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New user, but been lurking for the past couple of years trying to decide what to buy.

I know value and worth are personal, but I'm trying to decide if I should buy a used tractor or wait and get a new one.

I found a 2016 1025r with a loader, backhoe, and 54" mower. It's at a dealer asking $21k. Has right around 150 hours and looks in very good condition. I'm in the Midwest. I think a new one configured the same will be around $26k. 2.9% for the used one and 0% for the new as far ss financing goes.

I have 10 acres of mostly woods with about an acre of yard around the house. I have a gravel driveway to maintain, but I already have a plow on my side by side for snow removal. I need to run some drainage lines around 150' which is my justification for the backhoe to the wife, but I'm sure I will find other uses once I have it. I could also rent a small track hoe for a day and be a few thousand ahead.

Again, I know it's a personal decision, but what has been your experiences? Does the backhoe get used a much a you would like? Or should I skip this one and save quite a bit of money that I can use on other implements?
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For me, having the backhoe was a no brainer. I've used it to repair drainage tile, water lines, sewer lines and occasionally use it as a crane to hold fence panels in place while I shoot screws in place. I've used it to dig pet graves and over-sized fence post holes. Having owned and operated a Case 580 backhoe, the hydraulics of the 260 backhoe are a bit slow for me, so I intend to upgrade with the kit from Below are pictures of, A: my wife digging out a chunk of concrete during a fence project and B: the hook I bought from to utilize it as a crane of sorts.
I bought my 1025R TLB new in 2013 with the 60" deck. At the time, I didn't realize I could roll any implement I wanted into the 0% loan. I'd have gotten the rotary broom if I had. It'd be great to have for light snow removal at home and general cleanup of the parking lot at my small auto repair shop. Get what you need/want now. It's more expensive later.

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