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Welcome from Ontario Canada.

I bought the 1025r tlb, and 54" mmm, best investment I've made in a long time, but now I wish that I had purchased something with a little more ground clearance. The 1025r doesn't have a lot of ground clearance. My wife and I have about 9 acres, half is bush the rest we mow. Just turned 300 hours. I love the backhoe. It's dug out stumps, bushes, two 100 foot long three foot deep electrical trenches, it's ballast, planted trees, and best of all it's right there when I need it.
Go for new. I was thinking about a used machine until I did the math. By the time I would have paid off the bank the difference between the two machines would make it a no-brainer. Besides that you can roll any attachments into the deal and get them at 0% too. Get a set of pallet forks if plan on moving logs, brush, or ....pallets. Or a grapple if it's something that you think it's something that you need to move branches around.
Let us know how you make out......
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