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Is it a viscous fan drive?

If so, Deere has this out


Tractor runs hotter than expected/normal.

Situation or Problem
Metal Coil that engages the Viscous Fan Drive can be coated with debris that acts as an insulator and prevents the fan drive from engaging. If fan drive fails to engage, tractor can run hot.

Solution Steps

Prior to cleaning the sensor, shut the tractor off, let it cool to ambient temperature and remove the key.
Clean metal coil in center front of fan drive with spray electrical/electronic contact cleaner. This can be purchased from your local John Deere Dealer.
If cleaning the coil fails to resolve the issue, see your John Deere Dealer.
Or is the bearing going out?

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thx for the reply...
yes this is a simple viscous clutch. The bearings are fine. I fashioned a lockout (jd doesn't offer one) and tractor is operating normal temp. (little cooler that normal but not too cool). cost of the new part invites me to research the clutch and try to find a match in a different application. Horton mfg. has a well rounded selection and a cross ref. guide but evidently some parts maned. for jd are cross ref available. just wondering if anyone knows the part mfg. I'm guessing that jd contracts this type of part..
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