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Finally went Green

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It's not a tractor but my first green yard tool.

I bought a JS26 walk behind mower today, can't wait to try it. Question, I want to really look after it and maintain it, can I wash it
with a hose after each use? Or will this lead to problems. I'm so impressed with the quality, the deck is so solid compared to my
last non JD.



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I would suggest you run it for a while after you wash it off so the heat evaporates any moisture when you put it away.

I use my leaf blower at times to blow trash off my mowers.

I don't know for sure but I also would be careful not to hit the gas cap with a direct blast of water from the hose, you may be able to force water through the vent in the cap. Same goes for hydraulic reservoirs. Very nice mower you have there. :good2:
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