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First John Deere L&G machine

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Hello everyone. Just joined the forum and liking what I see. I'm going to be working on a restoration of my first John Deere. It's a, I believe a '87 316 with the B43E Onan engine. Engine runs well but tractor needs a facelift. I'm sure I'll have some questions and hope I can get some help here. The mower came with a Power Flo Bagger for 46' Deck which I'm not interested in. Willing to trade if anyone interested. The pulley on the deck and cover are still attached to deck and would be included. I'm needing copy of Owners Manual /Service Manual, green, yellow and black JD spray paint and also transmission fluid. Located in NC if interested. Thanks in advance, and I'll post some pictures as restoration moves along. I've been a Ford and Kubota guy up till now.
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Pete, Welcome to GTT.
The 316 looks pretty goods for it's age. Good luck with it and enjoy the forums.
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Welcome to GTT. I like the older JD L&G's and that will be a good one for a restoration. Keep us posted on the progress.
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