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I've had the x380 for a year now. I have just over 35 hours on it, and still love it.

I went full Cadillac mode on this thing - electronic mulch kit and the powerflow bagger. As much as the power flow is a pain to setup, I love it for spring and fall clean up. I also use it when I know I'm going to have people over the same day as the mow to cut down on clippings that are tracked into the house. Otherwise I mulch 90% of the time.

The cut? It's clean. Love the cut quality. I did replace the blades this spring, only because I caught a piece of rebar steel that was being used in the garden. Deck was still good, but two blades took a solid chunk out of them.

Oil change? Man was that easy.... everything was all on one side. I will say the "factory installed" filter was a bit tight for my liking, but all was good. I have a friend that pays his JD dealer $50 for pickup/delivery + parts and labor basically to level his deck, change the oil and sharpen the blades every year. I honestly can't see that being worth it to me. :dunno: JD makes it so easy...

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