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First post with pics of my new 2520

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Hello guys. Just wanted to say hello and show you my 2520. :hi: Took advantage of the $2500 rebate! I love it so far. Used the MMM for the first time and loved it. I have a 647 tiller that is suppose to be in next week sometime. Can't wait to get some seat time with that! I plowed up a spot in our field with our big John(older 2240 model) for our first garden. Used a sub soiler to bust up the ground and then hit it with the disc plow. Have been using the field for bailing hay for the past 10 years so it was pretty hard stuff. I'll post pics of it later.

Just got it home

The wife checking out the new toy!

Making the first cut!

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Looks great! There's a lot of grinning going on there, I think maybee even that tractor's got a grin on it.

Sounds like between the old and the new green, you're sitting pretty sweet there :thumbup1gif:.

WoooHoooo! :dance: :yahoo: Just in time for the summer fun. C6D, now be sure and keep us up to date on all the mods, and I know you have mods a brewin'.

Thanks for sharing. :good2:
Very nice. The 2520 fits in well with your vehicles, which are also nice.
Thanks for all the compliments. The older John is an early 80's model but it still looks brand new! I love it I guess because I grew up with it working with my grandfather. I basically learned to drive on that tractor!
Welcome to GreenTractorTalk
Very nice C6. I'm sure you'll get a lot of satisfying seat time!:thumbup1gif:

LoL. Congratulations! Makes me want to grin too just seeing those pics!
:hi:Where are the pics of the 2240?:nunu:
They are coming. I haven't had a chance to get it out of the barn yet. Maybe later this week. Work is brutal right now!:flag_of_truce:
just a general question, do all subs come with a guard even though there is no FEL attached?
sweet looking machine. which I could justify the 2520 but my 2320 is doing a fantastic job.
just a general question, do all subs come with a guard even though there is no FEL attached?
No, the hood or grill guard is a seperate option.
The reason this tractor has the guard is because it had a FEL at the dealer but I didn't want it so they took it off but left the guard.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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