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First Time Riding Lawnmower Owner Here, PCB, FL

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I just purchased my first riding lawnmower today because I was sick and tired of paying lawn companies that continually ruined my yards by mowing to low and bringing in weeds. I swear, if you want something done right these days you have to do it yourself. This is what I purchased, I only did about 2 days of research, hope I made a good decision...

From Lowes: Item # 521666 / Model # BG20982 / John Deere D110 19-HP Hydrostatic 42-in Riding Lawn Mower
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Welcome from your neighbor in Niceville! The folks in the forum are really great. Ask anything, and you'll get lots of help.

You should be very happy with your new John Deere. It appears Lowes sold you last year's model (D rather than E, hopefully at a discount). I'm not impressed with new features like the 30 second oil change, so you may be better off.
P.S: If you add a trailer, you can get one directly from Brinley cheaper than the same item painted JD green.
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Where's the pics? :laugh:
:wgtt::munch:Where's the pics? :laugh: yeah we like pics of all new tractors-:banghead:well-all tractors for that fact. show us ur tractor:lolol:
Welcome to the forum. Spent a lot of weekends in PCB when I was in Flight School at Ft. Rucker.
Welcome from Preston County, West Virginia

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