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Fit Rite Hydraulics Rear SCV Installation on 1025R with OEM Power Beyond

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I started planning the installation of a rear hydraulic SCV on my 1025R several months ago. Here is the detail of the installation. :thumbup1gif:


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Yes. Thanks!! :thumbup1gif:
Wow. Did you do that instruction manual? Nice job. :thumbup1gif:
Yes, one more thing to watch :thumbup1gif:
The quick connects are pretty much even with the sidewall of the tire. I have also trained myself to be very aware when working close to something. So far, I have not hit my lights.
Nice write up. As often as folks break their tail lights from hitting on things I'm thinking you are going to have to be very careful as those valves and fittings are sticking out way past the tire.


If you have no future needs for the BH, no need to order or install the optional power beyond kit. If it were me, I would simply install the same valve I used but plumb it like I indicated at the end of my instruction sheet.
If you remove the OEM steel line that runs from the main SCV power beyond to rockshaft valve pressure port, then install a hose (or steel tubing) from the main SCV power beyond port to the rear SCV inlet (pressure) port. Then, install a hose from the power beyond port on the rear SCV to the rockshaft valve pressure port (where the OEM steel line was removed).
You will still need to add the tank line from the rear SCV tank port to the added TEE where the main SCV tank line connects. :good2:
Thanks Ray. Great info here, which begs a question. If one were ordering a new there any benefit then to ordering the OEM Power Beyond or just go with removing that one steel line and plumbing in hoses there.? Especially if not wanting to add a backhoe. Unless I've miss understood your process here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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