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Flipping 2520 Rear Axles Due to Broken Covers

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So after grabbing a root with my box blade, and literally ripping the pin thru the outside housing cover.... I did a search, and realized I wasn't the first one to have this happen.

So I decided to take a few photos to show the process. I'll go back and update this with some TQ specs and such, but for now, I can confirm it's as simple as flipping right to left.

It started off innocent enough... helping a neighbor grade a driveway using my 5 foot box blade and my 2520...
Plant Plant community Sky Tree Natural landscape

Until WHACK, I came to a stop... Caught a root on the right side from a hidden stump.
Wood Bedrock Trunk Automotive wheel system Formation

VS what it should look like...
Automotive tire Wheel Wood Tire Automotive wheel system

So, now queue the repair... I took the pressure washer to the machine to remove as much dirt/grass/gunk as possible and had it dry overnight. I then used a nylon brush to get any remaining dirt and grass out of the way, so it didn't fall into the housing.

Jacked up, wheels removed on stands... Drain the overdue to be changed fluid and filter. Then drain each individual rear housing.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Rim Automotive exterior

Remove all the bolts and BAM, guts.
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Automotive tire Bicycle part Crankset Rim Gear
Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Light Wheel

Note the small bag I through over the remaining gear to keep it clean while scraping the gasket material. For the 2520, you'll need 2 new Gasket's - PN's LVU800349.
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Clean it all up, and rebolt it on!
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That is exactly why I went with a 2320. I wanted the 2520.
Got the 2320 and now have to deal with the PITA U-Joint. :ROFLMAO:
It is the one design aspect of the 2520/2720 that I never liked.
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