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I looked into this and went with wheel weights. My thought process.
Water is interesting if you live in warmer climates, but where is freezes, is not the best choice. Besides, water will corrode the wheels. With expenses increasing I really don't want o degrade components faster. I decided against water.
Anything alcohol based is flammable and fires do start. The tractor would be sitting on gallons of extremely flammable liquid. I have seen combines burnt down, and fires happen on equipment. It's rare, but it does happen. This was not a solution for me.
Beet juice is acidic and likely contribute to corrosion. Nope.
I still wanted to preserve the warranty and insurance on the tractor. My question is the tractor still covered if tires are filled with a liquid, not in the manual. The answer leaned no, so I bit the expense and got wheel weights.
A couple years back, I called about prices on filling the tires with liquid at our tire dealership just down the road, who specializes in Ag tires. When I asked, he laughed, and said he hasn't has someone ask about that in 10 years. It got me thinking.
I am not saying I am right, it's just the process I went through.
There is also the option of counter weights.
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