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Fluid filled tires

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For those of you that went with fluid filled rears, did you use beat juice or something else and why? I ordered a set of wheel weights when I bought the 2038r but they were and are still on back order. Im thinking of just cancelling the wheel weight order and going fluid filled. My dealer uses beet juice which I think os what rimguard is. Local tire place uses methanol which is about half the price of the rim guard. Dealer wants price per gallon and $104 labor to do both wheels. Tire place is a flat $6/gallon.

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Beet juice is the most popular by far.
But the best way to figure out cost effectiveness is the break it down as price per pound IMO, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. That's the best way to judge value when looking at alternative fluids IMO.
Is this the stuff?
Rumor has it there is a new product out to compete with beet juice that is as good, cheaper, similar weight, and not sticky..
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Yes, you are not looking in the correct manual, ballasting information is listed in the loader manual.
My question is the tractor still covered if tires are filled with a liquid, not in the manual.
It's in loader manual.
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That's not entirely correct Jim. I have Citrastar-50 in my tires, actually we have it in my 2038R and our 2555, that's what our tire guy uses. Just to be clear for all who are reading this thread, it is calcium with a rust inhibitor and a citrus fragrance added.
Here is the MSDS
There are several dozen competitors. Apparently there is a lot of interest in this stuff. A company out of NY makes "Citrastar" which is very similar to beet juice but it's made using citrus fruit waste.
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