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I finished the job of replacing the mower deck lifting hydraulic cylinder. I said a while back I'd supply details on my out come. Be it than JD wanted a big stack of money and my first born for a new cylinder I decided to shop elsewhere. I settled for a Dalton #DBH-300-1504-WT welded cylinder 1.5 bore x 4 stroke @ $60 was $76.66 including shipping. Dalton cylinder is a bigger unit, double action (original cylinder was set up for single action) and looks like substantial assembly. I got another hose w/ fittings (see photo) to take advantage of dual action. Mounting the Dalton unit entailed me replace the JD mounting brace with a piece I fabricated myself. Dalton cylinder has 1" diameter ends so I chose a sleeve on rod end and cut down the width of the Dalton loop to fit the JD lever arm. The cylinder end I just pressed and welded a 1" diameter stainless pin into my new 1/4" double mounting plate. The 1" diameter pin just slips into the loop.

The only thing I forgot was the small restricted plates (that is item J in post #12) to slow down the up and down movement. Movement is too fast. I'm just too slow to leave them out.

I just put in the .025" diameter restriction plate on the non rod end of the hydraulic cylinder and the up and down motion speed is perfect. A bit of hydraulic fluid to clean up spilled on mower deck but easy wipe up. I could not ask for it to be any different. I initially had the hoses reversed in the couplings. Repositioning the two hydraulic hoses in to the coupling so up is towards me and down is away, feels better and is more logical to me. But either way is ok functionally. I have since shortened up the two hoses and ran then around the front as opposed to the path under the seat. Much cleaner install.

I don’t Know the way to connect to the original so I copied it all. Also don’t know how the answering system works neither.


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