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For 870/970/1070/990 CUT (and possibly 670/770. and others)
If Interested and for more information/pictures: email me at [email protected]

Location: Virginia. (Note I make several trips to Maine between May and October)

$1,000 - Curtis Cab, Hard Top/Front w/Soft Sides, NOS/NIB.
$1,500 - Selective Control Valve and Lines (left hand, front frame mount for 80 Loader) NOS/NIB.
$ 500 – Selective Control Valve Rear Quick Coupler Kit (routes four SCV oil lines from front bracket/plugs to rear bracket/plugs) NOS/NIB.
$ 750 – Rear Auxiliary Hydraulic Attachment (routes Power Beyond from SCV to rear mount) NOS/NIB.
$1,000 – Mid PTO Kit (for powering 60” and 72” Mid Mount Mowers) NOS/NIB.
$1,500 – 72” Mid Mount Mower with front, mid, and rear 3PTH/Mid PTO mounting hardware, USED, good condition (requires Mid PTO Kit).
(includes second complete deck for spares, both shells very good AND HEAVY - OR your choice of one deck for $1,000)
$1,500 – Set of 4 Mounted Tires on Rims Matched Set for 2/4WD 1070 Tractor NOS.
$ 750 – 550 Tiller, 50” 3PT/PTO Powered, Complete, Good Used Condition.
$ 500 – 80 Loader Front/Mid Mounting Brackets (MAY suit 70/75 Loader) NOS (Brackets ONLY).
$ 500 – 80 Loader 61”/1550mm Pin On BUCKET, Good Condition (Bucket ONLY)

Location: Maine. (Note I make several trips to Maine between May and October)

$2,000 – 390, 72” Dozer Blade with Mounting Hardware, Good Condition/Little Use, except hydraulic hoses shot from exposure, cylinders MAY need to be rebuilt. A beast of a frame mounted power angling Dozer Blade!

NOTE: I prefer not to ship, but may be able to deliver on route when making trips between VA and ME, at my convenience.
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