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Forum Will Be Shut Down Tonight, Friday January 20th at 4:45 PM Eastern Time

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I will be closing down the forum at 4:45 Eastern time to allow the database to be copied over to GTT. We hope everything goes without a hitch and we will open GTT as soon as possible. I know we will continue to work to upgrade the skin on GTT so we might have another quick shut down as we upload it Saturday night, but that will be the middle of the night.

Once GTT opens and you no longer see the notices that the forum is not active, please post away.

Also, don't forget to remind your friends that we moved. also, if you posted a link to us and you have the chance to change it, please do. All the links will be the same, you just replace the Deeretalk portion with GreenTractorTalk.

Many Thanks for your support!
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Things went well but we have some skin and gallery work.
Good work, guys.
We still have work to do with images and such, but we are operable.

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