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Freestanding lean-to

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My pile of tractor attachments has outgrown the shed. I’d like to build a small lean-to as protection for them. I was planning on 4-4x4 posts in the ground with some stringers and a simple roof.
The big question is to use a birdsmouth or not on the rafters. I’ve never done it before, it doesn’t seem that hard, but I am by no means a woodworker, I just get lucky swinging a hammer sometimes.

any advice for attaching rafters in a simple fashion?
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How big is a small lean-to?
I was waffling on the post size. Yes, I’m in western, NY. No stranger to high wind and snow. I’ll upgrade to 6x6
I would suggest 6x6 as opposed to 4x4 for longevity, strength, and resistance to bumps/accidents. Birds mouths are easy to cut and figure out as well as providing a more stable rafter, making easier to nail and spreading the load, are you in a snow zone?
I think I’ll tow the line somewhere in the middle here. Aside from wind / snow hazards, you do have the hazard of me operating a 24 hp, hydraulically operated, diesel powered machine in the vicinity.... frankly, that’s the biggest risk!
We are talking about a 8 x 12 lean-to here guys. I know its fun to spend other peoples money but concrete and all is a bit much. Dig some holes 2'+ deep, set the posts and put on the roof. Rafter ties are fast and cheap, I will give you that but toe nails have been working for centuries, JM2C
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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