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Front-End Weight Options for LA105?

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Does anyone know of any front-end weight options for an LA105 - preferrably the JD suitcase weights?

While using the bagging system this fall I managed to do a backflip with my machine. Granted, the machine was on a tight incline, and the bags were filled with wet leaves and clippings. Still, when the bags are filled with clippings the front end tends to lift a bit while moving forward. BTW, operator and machine survived with minimal injury.:slap-yourself-emoti
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Holy Smoke Big Cat, you need to be more careful. Really glad you weren't seriously hurt. :good2: I did a quick look on JDParts and all I found was a front wheel weight option. Maybe you can use these. Better than nothing.


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Thanks Randy I'll give these a try. It was pretty scary at first, but once I realized that man and machine were A-ok it was kinda funny. Weird thing though once it happened - the machine was dead and wouldn't turn over, or even click when I turned the key. I let it sit for approximately 10 minutes and then she fired right up, albeit with some smoke at first, but haven't had an issue since. Are you aware of some sort of inertia kill switch or something similar?
HHHHmmmm BC, that is a little strange. The only thing I can think of is, are you sure you had all the pto, in gear, in the seat, switches off the first go-around? I would think in a situation like that the mind can play some tricks on ya.

May be you can make a custom bracket for the front to hold some weight? You know, something off the front of the frame. I am not sure what you have to work with on that machine.
You're probably right Kenny - I do remember the nerves being a little fried/shakey after being bucked and haven't had any issues since. I checked out JDParts and I don't think the front wheel weights are still available. I'll have to take a look at the front end to see if I can fabricate something. Thanks for the input!
It must have shook you more than you know! Unless Randy changed his name to Kenny! :lol: :mocking:
Your right, how'd that happen? :laugh::laugh::laugh: Can I change it back?
Shaken, not stirred! My apologies Kenny, ahh hem, I mean Randy! Sorry buddy. :eek:
Have a drink Big Cat, you need one. :laugh:
I think the wheel weights are a good idea.

Not positive but I think the LA105 has bushed front axles and not bearings so I would be reluctant to hang any suitecase weights on it.
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