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Are a 2007 Frontier RC 1060 and a 2002 JD LX5 parts interchangeable. Just looking at some pics of them they sure do look alot alike in every aspect.

Looking at one real cheap, bad gearbox. Might be able to get it for $100-$150 for some spare parts to keep on hand if needed.

I've only seen a pic of the outside and it looked ok. The hitch frame and tailwheel look to be in good shape. If the pan and blades aren't damaged and the slip clutch and pto shaft is good I might give it a shot.

I don't know yet how the gearbox was damaged and how it effected the rest of the unit when it happened. Could be a catastrophic event or lack of maintenance.

What do you guys think?


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Are you registered in JDParts?

I just checked and they are both listed in there, but there are to many sections for me to compare. You could check and print out sections you are interested in and compare part numbers.
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