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Fuel pump problems on 1026R?

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Just wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with the fuel pump on 1026R...mine stopped pumping at 5.9 hours. It was acting up from the very start. Getting great dealer support, so don't see a long term problem... really was impressed, enjoying the machine, until it started acting up ...dying, stopping, starved for fuel. Wonder who makes these pumps? Yanmar??
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IMO,that's why it's a bad idea to get an inuagural product.

My .02

This is the first fuel pump problem I have heard about so far, the only other problem I read about was the front wheel problem discussed in another thread. No clue if Yanmar makes the pumps or outsources them.
Hello Gary

You do have a point,and like Randy stated,it's warranted.
It's just a shame though you are inconvenienced with a brand new machine.
Hope things get resolved.

Yes ... but, someone has to do it! Hopefully there will not be too many problems to iron out. It is quite a machine... drives, handles really nice... seems solid, with lots of nice features. Also, "ran like a Deere" (at least until the fuel pump went out!)... so, probably worth some headaches at the start.
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