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Greetings, first-time caller, long-time listener! Does anyone have an idea if one thing can cause all these systems to fail:

- fuel solenoid shutoff
- seat safety switch
- PTO/mower deck
- ignition key off position

My tractor is a John Deere GX325 (2002-2003) with the Kawasaki 18 hp engine (I believe the GX325 descended from the 325/345 and evolved into the X series). I was working in my pasture one day (in the far corner of course) and after filling a little trailer with brush, went to start it and all it would do is turn over. I MacGuyver'd it down to the fuel solenoid shutoff switch (bottom of the carb) not getting any juice, so after replacing it with an 8MM screw it fired right up. But the mower deck/PTO will not engage and the darn thing won't even turn off with key in the off position! I took the brake off and stood up and even that didn't work, it just keeps running. I kill it by unplugging the spark plug wires! A few things I've done:

- tested and cleaned both fuses
- tested and cleaned the grounding wire harness
- looked for any evidence of a grounded out wire or bad connections

Any ideas? I suspect it may be something underneath because I was in heavy brush but don't really know if any wires are in harms way down there. Is there a sequence here so all I have to solve is the first one? Thanks!
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