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G110 front spindle mfg defect or severe loss of quality by design?

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I bought a replacement spindle for my G110, and it looks like they've skipped a couple steps in the mfg process. JD's position seems to be "We stick by our dealer; we don't want to hear from you."

I just put in some bushings, but really--being lied to tends to annoy me. Such a severe loss of quality is not much better, either. I would expect the factory replacement part to have all the components of the original--but maybe this is how far JD continues to fall.

Has anybody seen this sort of thing? Replacement parts are significantly cheaper than original? Details are below...

Here are the old and new pictures for the spindle. Old is what came w/ the tractor; new is what JD says they're selling today to replace that:

There's more pictures here, if you want.

Here is my post to JD:

I recently purchased part #GY20047BLE, spindle for G110 garden tractor front left wheel. This product arrived in a John-Deere box with logo and part number marked. I still have the box.

The old part:
(and current photos of the parts I see on the web) include a cup-shaped weldment with a rolled edge. The rolled edge retains a flat thrust bushing. This bushing is rigidly held by the formed rolled edge and cannot be removed; its thickness makes it apparent there's something other than just the steel weldment present. The front wheel bushing, part #M123811, rubs flat-to-flat against this thrust bushing. The weldment is attached to the shaft by a well-finished 360 degree weld.

The part I received:
Includes only the cup-shaped weldment, but not the bushing material, and the lip is open, not rolled. Further, the weld is only 3/4 complete--that is, there is a gap in ~90 degrees of the circle where I can see daylight. The weld is not well-finished; that is in addition to not covering the full 360 degrees the surface of the weld is not consistent.
When installed on the wheel, the wheel bushing, part #M123811, does not lie flat against the back of the weldment, but instead rubs against the edge at the inner radius of the weldment. The weldment is cup-shaped; it is the inner radius between the bottom and side of the cup where the wheel bushing rubs. The wheel bushing, part #M123811, binds against the weldment when I try to turn it, leaving a polished mark as you'd see normally see where you have a metal-to-metal rub.

The vendor claims they're all like this now, but suggested I purchase some washers and install them where the old part has a factory bushing.
I have purchased and installed a couple of bronze bushings to prevent the binding and assembled and greased the parts; they seem to function, but I wonder how durable they will be? Will water enter through the incomplete weld? Will the hardware-store bronze bushings be durable?

Can you confirm that this design change has been made to part# GY20047BLE?
That is to say, have you deliberately stopped including the thrust bushing insert from the part? If so, please consider that this does not function correctly; there is a significant binding.

Please understand that I have come to trust JD products, but this causes me to question that trust.

I have photographs of the old and new parts if you are interested in seeing them; also we make arrangements to send the part in its box for your inspection.

And JD's response:
Dear Mr. Pizzolatto.

Thank you for contacting us about the new spindle purchased for your G110.

Thank you for contacting us about your concerns with the new spindle purchased for your G110. All parts do carry a 90 day warranty and we do rely on our dealers to diagnose, determine, and administer all warranty for the units and parts. If your dealer has indicated that the part is correct and not defective, John Deere will stand behind that dealers decision. Again, we do thank you for your feedback on this part and have documented your concerns in our records.

If we can be of further assistance, please call the Customer Contact Center at 1-800-537-8233. Our center is open 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST, Monday - Friday and 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM. EST, Saturday.

Thank you,

Josh S.
John Deere Customer Contact Center
Turf & Utility Products
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