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I know that someone asked me last fall to do a writeup on the door install and seeing that yesterday I finally installed the second door here you go.

Last September one of our garage doors broke. The tension spring snapped and my wife about ripped the center out of the top section trying to open it with the electric opener. I was going to brace top section and replace the broken spring but she said we should just get 2 new doors.

So off to Lowe's we go. They were having a special on garage doors so we got a good deal and free financing. I thought for once things were going to go smooth but I was wrong. The kid that placed our order asked if we wanted 2 or 4 panels in each section. Being that either one had to come from Clopay's WHSE I told him to get us the 2 panel doors, I thought they would look nicer. The kid told us that it would take about 30 day for delivery. I was not happy about the long lead time but what was I going to do, was not going to put white doors on a tan and dark brown garage.

October rolls around and I get a call from the door company that is going to deliver the doors. I told them that I have class in the morning and would be home after noon. They agreed that they would wait until I was home to make the delivery. When I got home the doors were sitting out side of my garage.


I was pissed to find my $800.00 worth of doors and hardware sitting outside. Thank God we live out of the city and it did not rain that day.

I was livid when I found the damaged sections. Anyone that has seen an old sheetmetal garage door knows once there is a crease it is only a matter of time before it starts to rip.

IMG_1291.jpg IMG_1293.jpg

Called Lowe's and I was going to have wait another 30 days for the replacements. This is when I found out that the 2 panel is truly a SPO that Clopay makes to order and not just an order from their WHSE. I wish I had known at the time we placed the order and I would have just gotten the more stock 4 panel.

While we waited on the replacement panels I had time one weekend to do the first one and that is when I realized that they did not deliver the strut that goes across the top door strength. I called Lowe's and made sure they were add to the replacement panel order. While I felt comfortable open and closing the door manually with out the strut the electric opener was out of the question.

30 days go by and I get a call they want to deliver them on the next Wednesday. I go through the something about delivering them in the afternoon so I can be home and confirm that they have all of the parts this time. The guy confirms everything. That Wednesday I get a called at 8am that his truck broke down. I ask if he would deliver it 2 days later, the next time I was available, he says no problems.

Friday I wait until about 4:30pm. Without any sign of him or call I called Lowe's and and asked to speak to the store manager. He take my info and says he will call back. About 5 minutes later he called back and says there is no answer at the door shop but he contacted his Clopay rep. Saturday the door company tells the store manager that it was a misunderstanding on my part and that would get out first thing on Monday. I told them it need to be before 10:00am as I had a class to get to.

Monday morning the guy rolls in at 9:55am as I leaving for class. He has 2 new door panels but again no struts. I asked him about the struts and says they "may" have a couple around the shop. I said damn right you have a couple, I had spoken to the account rep at Colpay for Lowe's and she confirmed they were sent with the replacement panels. The delivery guy tells me he would bring them the next day and asks if it is ok to leave them if no one is home, I told him to go ahead. The next day I get a call at noon and the delivery guy is on his way to drop the struts, he says he is 45 minutes out. I get home at 4:00pm and there are no struts. I called him and asks him where he was? He tells me the he is 5 minutes away. Why it took 4 hours to drive 45 minutes I'll never know.:unknown:

All in all Lowe's made it right they knocked another 25% off and gave us the weather stripping to go around the doors. I don't know why I have such bad luck with their contractors. I would have rather picked up doors from the store and saver the $75 delivery fee. Now on to the install.

The install was simple though.

Old door out. The first step is to remove the horizontal track and then just unscrew each section one at a time. The old door was single sided and thin sheetmetal so I could handle the sections by myself. If the door was taller of better made I would suggest 2 people.

IMG_1395.jpg IMG_1396.jpg IMG_1397.jpg

To install you just reverse the process. The first door I attached the hardware to each panel as I went. When I did the second one I did all at once and the install went faster.

They suggest using 16 penny finish nails to hold the door sections while you stack them but all I had was drywall screws and fender washers. This worked but the nails are much better.

IMG_1400.jpg IMG_1399.jpg

After the first section is down you add the track and start stacking panels.

IMG_1401.jpg IMG_1402.jpg IMG_1403.jpg

I chose to get the torsion springs instead of the tensions springs, I like the look and feel that they are safer if the spring were to break. Once I got the spring hardware up and spring stretch it was time to tension the spring. WARNING: tensioning the spring can be dangerous and most home installers are urged to have a door company come tension the spring. I lucked out and there is a mechanical tensioner that came with the kit. You use an impact driver and uses a worm gear to wind the spring super safe and the spring can be unwound the same way.

2016-05-20 09.14.07.jpg 2016-05-20 09.14.12.jpg

Not my video but this will give you a good idea.

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