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A couple weeks before the little one was born I started working on the garage site...I had planned it to be a 30x40 garage, but after staking it out, I'm thinking to myself its too small, so I think it will be a 30x44.

There was 1 tree within the pad site so it had to go before I could do anything else... second set of pics is 54 yards of bank run gravel. I've got to take more pics, but since then Ive capped it off with another 54 yards of -3" Screened gravel...Still have another 54 yard batch of -3" to finish off the project (driveway, around the base, etc)...hopefully within a month or so I'll get this done. The game plan is to let mothernature do its wonder with Compaction so next spring I can pour the slab and get to building.
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Those piles look familiar to me. Once my neighbors and I finish our respective driveway projects, I'll post a link to pictures of mine.

Last weekend we moved, installed, and rubber tire compacted 110-tons of recycled concrete roadbase. Tomorrow we start with 50-tons of recycled concrete rock on my neighbors driveway, followed by 50-tons on mine this Tuesday.
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