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I have a Scotts 1642 which I believe is the same as a Saber 1642. It has a 16 hp Kohler engine. When I recently went to replace my muffler, I noticed that the pipe that leads from the muffler body to the head was wet with gas.

I removed the carb and replaced both gaskets on either side of the insulator plate where the carb meets up with the head. I also replaced the o-ring in the float bowl. Afterwards I put about 2 inches of gas in the tank and test ran it which went fine. I checked it every few hours for the next two days and everything was dry as a bone. It was fine again yesterday morning so I filled the tank completely. When I got home last night I checked it again and now it was leaking. There were a few drops of gas under the carb. It looked wet up where the carb met the insulator plate and had run down to the grounding wire and the bottom of the solenoid on the float bowl.

I'm going to install a fuel line shut off for now so I can run the tracter instead of just working on it. I'd really like to find the source of the leak.

Any suggestipons would be greatly appreciated.

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