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I have a Gen 1 2032R with the factory power beyond, I would like to add 3 rear SVC’s and would like some opinions and or advise.

I would like to add a hydraulic top link and have angle control for a rear blade. I would use the 3rd SVC for a 3 point tilt, grapple or ??? I understand how to plumb the valve after reading and researching on the forum. My hang-up seems to be on what kind of valve to buy. Should I use a manual valve with levers or should I use a motor activated valve with toggle switches?

A motor activated valve would be easier to mount and get the controls up to the operator station. I’m looking at a Fasse valve with P/N 700-1513 which they claim can handle back pressure from the rock shaft and wouldn’t need a return to tank line. It wouldn’t have float though and I would need to add restrictions to slow the cylinder action.

A manual lever valve could have float and could be feathered to get the desired cylinder action, but would require more plumbing and more thought as to how to mount it. Also what is a good valve to look at? Does anyone have a P/N for one they have used?

Any thoughts or comments between manual and electric would be appreciated.
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