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X570 with 48" deck - $7800
X580 with 54" deck - $9100

That is $1300. About $300 is the deck size, so about $1000 for the hydraulic deck lift and power steering. The electric blower lift (to use the 47 blower) is about $500, so only $500 more to get the hydraulic lift and power steering. That is not a lot of money when you figure the tractor can easily last 10-20 years.
Last year when I bought my first Deere, I looked at the X3 and X5 series. I have around 1.5 acres to cut and a 150’ driveway with around a 10 degree slope. I went into the dealer thinking a X570 was in my future. After talking to the dealer, I bought the X580. There are quite a few things that the X580 has over the X570 (upgraded seat and HDAP rear tires are 2 of them), but the power steering and lift alone are well worth the upgrade. I didn’t go with the blower but did buy the 48” plow, 2 suitcase weights, and Tara grips for the rear tires (I have a new driveway so chains were out). Based on advise that I got from here, I didn’t install the tara grips and first tried it with the weights only.

So far this winter, I have only had to plow 3 times - the tractor performed very well, no traction issues at all. The HDAP tires are great and have handled the snow without issue. We are looking at 6-8” of snow tomorrow, so hopefully they continue to perform well. I can’t say enough how much the hydro lift helps ! It would be much more difficult lifting the blade manually with as often as you have to do it. And the power steering is far more helpful that I would of ever expected.

As Frogmore stated, it is well worth the extra $ to go with the X580 vs X570. I am so glad I did.
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