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Getting ready for snow

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Ok. Don't toss me off the site because I mention the s word. Fact is, it is not that far off (for me anyway). My question is, do I need chains for my 2520 (equipped with R4's)? I have about 150" of driveway with a slight incline at the very end. And if I need chains will they fit with the tires in the wide position?

Thanks for any input.

BTW, when I ordered my 2520 I did not get a MMM with it. I am currently looking at a used 2009 X540. Boy, does that green paint ever get in your blood!
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You really don't say what you are going to do with tractor in the snow. Now in my case, I use a blower, ballast box, and no chains. I have the R4s and with the wieght, 4wd, locking diff, and brake steer I am just fine. I also us it on finished concrete and really wouldn't like the mess it would make on it. We will need to know more to give you good info. :good2:
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