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Getting ready for snow

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Ok. Don't toss me off the site because I mention the s word. Fact is, it is not that far off (for me anyway). My question is, do I need chains for my 2520 (equipped with R4's)? I have about 150" of driveway with a slight incline at the very end. And if I need chains will they fit with the tires in the wide position?

Thanks for any input.

BTW, when I ordered my 2520 I did not get a MMM with it. I am currently looking at a used 2009 X540. Boy, does that green paint ever get in your blood!
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Good to hear the R4s, 4wd, locking diff, etc. will likely be enough (plan to use my new 1025R on a rear blade when we get the 2-3 inch snows, and little to no ice). Chains are great when working on ice (have them on my "baby Bobcat"); otherwise, they do "scratch" and scuff the concrete, and need to be really careful, so am not planning to put them on the 1026R.

You really don't say what you are going to do with tractor in the snow. Now in my case, I use a blower, ballast box, and no chains. I have the R4s and with the wieght, 4wd, locking diff, and brake steer I am just fine. I also us it on finished concrete and really wouldn't like the mess it would make on it. We will need to know more to give you good info. :good2:
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