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Giant Pumpkins

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I might have started them a bit early with the weather we are having this year. It always seems like the giants we grow are not done growing when we have to harvest them. This is the first year we started them inside, but I fear we will have to transplant them into a larger pot and we might have some large plants by the time we can plant them outside.

On the right is the normal orange giants and on the left are white giants. The whites are just starting to push up the soil. We planted them 5 days ago. I never thought they would grow so fast.

These are all seeds we harvested ourselves and dried from last years pumpkins.​


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I have heard of Howard Dill. I think we bought some of his seeds?

This is just for fun. My wife and kids love it. They are already planning the transplant to the next pot.......
Late May :lol:
Atlantic Giant.... Yes, that actually what these seeds are out of. We bought them from harris seed last year I believe. So the ones growing are Dill seeds, or from pumpkins from dill seeds.
I am going to have some issues. These things are growing too fast.


Well, I transplanted them into larger pots. It worked OK but I have learned a lot.

First, don't put more than one seed per pot. Separating the multiple plants in the same small pot was not easy.

Second, start with a big pot and don't transplant.

Third, don't start so early.

Most of the plants made it through. I broke one of the stems and I am unsure if that one will make it. Per some suggestions, I have been using a grow light on them but I have been also putting them outside for the day.

If they make it through the transplant we will be in good shape.


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