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Good Gator with a bad engine

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I have found a 1996 gator locally in good shape that needs the engine rebuilt. What should it have for a engine and are parts available? How long are the transmissions good for?
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What does the hour meter show? There only seem to be a couple of wearable parts inside the transmission.

I think that engine would be a Kawasaki. Why does it need to be rebuilt?
2001 4x2 Gator

My Gator has over 4,000 hours on the chasis. It came off a lower valley ranch and had seen hard field hand service. It has the orginal transaxle but the engine was replace about five years ago with a new one. They sell for around $1,100. The front end was also replaced for around $500. It's had the secondary clutch replaced and has new front tires. Oh, and the carb was replace too, that was around $300 with labor hauling etc. I've added all kinds of accessories. IMO, the old style Gator is pretty solid. For what you can fix and get running like new, it's far cheaper than buying one of these newer $11,000 Gators. It depends on what you want to do with it. I saved a ton of money buying items off ebay. So, I've shelled out a bit over $2,000 and have a classic old style Gator that I can depend on. My Gator doesn't have any of that back east salt rust cancer. If that was the case, I wouldn't waste my time or money on it. Good luck :)
The hour meter shows 7438. The seller says it burns more oil than gas. He is asking $750. Is it worth it?
What model Gator?
I saw the CL post overnight. It must have been a good buy, it was sold when I called to look at it this am.
I saw the CL post overnight. It must have been a good buy, it was sold when I called to look at it this am.
Hate that you missed it. I would imagine any running Gator would bring $750 pretty quick, even if it did need an overhaul. I would've bought it, and I already have one. :laugh:
After looking at TractorHouse, I agree. I missed that one.

I honestly don't know how I could get by here in Kansas on my 1/4 section----without having a Gator. Mine is a June 2007 delivered machine, it's a diesel and has 265 hours on it. I change oil every 15 hours and use it easy, but it looks new and has not failed once. I hope you find one soon that you get to using, they really make a lot of projects and work possible to handle.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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