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Got a new 920a ( Z920 ) with the 7 iron Pro 60

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All I can say is sweet. My yard was very, very wet but it needed to be cut. I cut at 3.5" and I was taking at least 4" to 7" s of grass off the top. Even going slow to compensate for the amount of grass I was cutting and getting used to the new steering, I was still able to cut the lawn in 20 minutes less than with my 445.

I was a bit rougher in spots were I have drove the 4520, but the cushy seat soaked most of it up. The deck is simply amazing as it will not leave strips of grass even if you make a complete 360 turn. I could not be more happy!

The power seemed great for this machine and with the amount of grass I was cutting. It was neat to be closer to the ground and able to see everything around me so well.

My only issue so far is the ROPS. I can get close to most my trees but they do get hung up on low branches. They are fold-able, so that might be the answer.


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I did not take any pictures during the cut. I did not think about it. I was hesitant to cut as it was wet, but it needed it bad.

How about I take a video of my wife driving it. It would be much better to look at...:lol:

Kenny, no suspension seat. Its an option that you have to buy through parts. I think its close to 300 bucks. Not sure I need it. The seat on this thing is like sitting on a cloud. I actually wish it was stiffer. Its softer than my lazyboy couch. It just does not seem right, but its comfy.

I will have to mow again by monday, I will see what I can do for a video or more pictures.
:lol: It was less than a month ago I bet that I said I needed to put on more hours. I was just at the point where the deck on that tractor was not getting the blade tip speed needed to cut long thick grass. I made a knee jerk decision and I could not be happier.

I have mostly flat lawn, but I have a few places on the property lines that are pretty steep. I have no issue with them. I feel firmly planted on the ground and I do not spin tires. I could see if it was wet that you might spin if you were trying to turn sharp up hill, but you would do almost the same with a tractor.

In some ways I took a step backward. My other tractor would do more than lawn mowing, but thats all I used it for. I am sue this decision would not work for everyone, but its perfect for me.

I need to get out and mow again this week. I cannot wait!

I also got more than 28% off the list price on this unit, so it made it a decent purchase.
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