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2015 3046R Cab
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On a 3046r cab tractor, the 3rd function is run by an electrohydraulic valve plumbed to the back of the tractor and operated by buttons on the loader joystick.

The diverter option diverts functions 1 and 2 plumbed to the mid position, operated by the loader valve and calls them functions 4 and 5 on the back of the tractor.

If you order the third function to be the loader, you get hoses that plug into the rear 3rd function ports and run under the tractor to a set of couplers by the original 4 for the loader, then a combination of hoses and hard lines out to the loader crossmember.

The 3rd function valve then can be used rather at the rear or the front, but it's a the operator that diverts the flow by unplugging hoses. Deere doesn't offer a diverter for the 3rd function and there's limited real estate if you have the 1,2 to 4,5 diverter.

Note that the mower deck lift is normally plugged into the 3rd function at the rear, but could be moved to 4 or 5 or just left disconnected for loader work.
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