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I am looking to be able to use a grapple on my John Deere 855 with a 70a loader. Currently it has the original pin on bucket with no third function to the front. I think I have a handle on converting the loader to a quick tach. What I am having trouble with is finding a diverter kit that fits my loader. Does anyone have experience with this? It seems like every diverter kit I have found will need modification.

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You will have to homebrew a solution, no ones makes "kits" for tractors that old. We sell the basic diverter valve, as does Surplus Center and Summit Hydraulics.

Once you have the diverter mounted, you will need to figure out the hose lengths and the fittings, we can help with some of it, but a lot of the legwork will be on you.

There are quite a few "diverter" threads here if you search some in the Hydraulics Forum.

Short version of what needs to happen:

1) The lines that come from the tractor and feeds the dump/curl cylinders gets disconnected
2) You plumb new lines form the tractor to the IN ports of the diverter (P1/P2)
3) The A1/B1 ports on the valve go back to the loader where you disconnected the original lines from. This allows the loader to function as normal when the switch is not powered.
4) The A2/B2 ports go to the front where the grapple will connect, these ports are active only when the valve is powered.

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